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Crushed acetaminophen tablets or for people that live in southern states, Goody Powders, took the pain away for anywhere from 3-8 hours for me. There was slight discomfort from the gum being swollen and had a dull pain but thats so much better than being on the verge of either wanting to cry or smash my jaw with a hammer. Contemplating going to the ER later to get an antibiotic to take care of the swelling since the pain management I have found something that works. I know the most obvious answer is go to the dentist but for many people like me without insurance or people worse off than me that do not have a job, I fully understand the not going to the dentist but if it is an option...GO ASAP! I live in North Carolina and there isn't even a dentist around here that won't even except payments, just money up front after your visit. I've tried the peroxide and listerine rinses, didn't help with my pain but it did take the odd taste out of my mouth with I'm assuming is from the infection of the abscess. Hope this helps someone, but it worked the best for me. Warnig for those that arent aware...Don't take too much acetaminophen, it's horrible on your stomach.

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Update: couldn't take it anymore and went to the ER. They gave me amoxicillin for the infection and Percocet for the pain. I'm itchy as can be but the pain is gone finally. The doctor said this should make it better in about a week and obviously to go to the dentist ASAP to have my wisdom teeth removed so this doesn't happen again. Good luck, hope my story helped!


Go to UNC Chapel Hill. They have a dental school.....I have had a few teeth removed for 5 to 10 dollars each. I hope that this information helps a little.....good luck


I worked in Chapel Hill and they havw a lottery type system, It is hard to get in. I hate dentists they ahve absolutly no compassion.. There is a special place in HELL! for dentists.

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