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momma J

Don't forget to spray the inside of your vacuum. You can use the same treatment that you use on the carpets. It will kill the fleas that didn't die before, or they could lay eggs in your vacuum and crawl right back out...

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What if I have a bagged vacuum?


i keep a cut flea collar in my vacum tank. it kills all them suckers inside a trick i learded from a 89 year old woman


what you use for killing fleas in the carpets?

Joan in Phila, PA

I cut flea collars into pieces and put them in my vacume cleaners,they last untill it's time to empty, or to replace the bag.


Many years ago a vet told me to put Ortho-Sevin in cargpet bag to kill the fleas eggs I vacuum up.


thank you. didn't think of that.


Sweep up some salt, the salt slices the fleas and eggs and obviously that kills them!

ms deb

I keep a flea colar in my vaccum cleaner and emptyright after vacuming but keep the colar in there for a monthkillsfleas in vacum


placing moth balls in your vacuum cleaner is extremely helpful in killing fleas.

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