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I have used clear fingernail polish for years and it seems to be the most effective remedy for chigger bites. This really takes the itch away. Paint it on generously! I think it smothers the little creatures...

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the 'creatures' do not dig and stay in the skin.


Totally works. Paint the bite at least two days in a row. it will never itch again.


THANK YOU people who recommended fingernail polish. I would have never thought of it. Although other products dulled the itching (I like Benedryl lotion), I kept getting two new bites every night. The fingernail polish did the trick. No new bites! Still, the old ones are still a problem a month later. Nasty little creatures!


You are getting new bites every night? Are you sleeping outdoors? If not, you need to fumigate your bedding and keep the animals out of your bed.
those are not chigger bites.

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