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I'm actually experiencing this lovely thing called 'hives' right now. They appeared late last night right before I went to bed,I didn't think anything of it.. Just thought it was a bug bite or dry skin.. Woke up this morning shocked to how bad they are. My scalp, forehead, neck, & back (scalp & forehead is the worst). Been looking at every 'remedy' out there. The one that seems to be calming the itch & burn, is just a bag of ice right on the hive area & some allergy medicine (Benadryl, Clariton, allegra, etc).. The ice is very soothing after trying not to itch them. Granted I probably look like a goon with a Ziploc bag full of ice on my forehead, my neck, & one down the back off my shirt.
Hope these stupid things go away soon. I am embarrassed to go out in public/work with these huge red welts on my forehead..(make-up covers the redness, but not the swelling)

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I have recently had problems with hives. Not much helped the itching. So, I tried some old (expiration date 1999) Equate brand of hemorrhoidal cream (Wal Mart’s brand of Preparation H). I know one should not use old meds, but I was really itching. It provided relief.

Father in law used hemorrhoidal cream on his kids when they had chickenpox.

One of the active ingredients is shark liver oil. Do not know if the new stuff has that or if that makes a difference. Have run out of the old one and will give a newer one a try.


I am experienceing hives right now and have no ice in the house yet no money to buy anything to relieve the itching. they started on my side then progressed everywhere else, when I say everywhere I mean it. It even reached my genital area. Face, lips, tongue, neck head, and under arms it's really bad. Not sure what to do. Am really irritated at the moment.


I have experienced similar symptoms in all areas of my body. I don't know what to take as in the past Claritin, Zyrtec, and Benedryl didn't work. I have found though that at least temporarily cold packs on the infected areas does help the itching and irritation. cold showers help cool the body and work for me. unfortunately those things aren't easy to access at work which is where I seem to break out the most because my body is active and generating more heat. cold does help though with at least the itching and start the healing process if you are able to get stable and relaxed and not active. still looking for medication to help get rid of them, but at least these things do help with the itching/pain when you have them.

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