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I'm 18 have only had sex with one man who i am sure is loyal and was told today that I have genital herpes. the bumps developed last night n the pain has been unbearable. I now fear having to pee because the pain is so intense. I also fear putting anything on that area because of how sensitive it is and also i am worried i will make it spread more. Every time i look i have more and more blisters. this infection spreads like a wild fire. i feel dirty like my hands have the virus all over them spreading to innocent people and trying to infect my eyes and pretty much anywhere on my body. i fear I will get blisters everywhere even my hands.

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Hello dear. I am very sorry for this experience for you. I too have genital herpes. Go and purchase 'Now' brand propolis tablets at any healthfood store like Whole Foods or The Better Health Store and even on-line. They come in 500 milligrams per capsule. Take a pill once or twice a day, every day. This will help boost your immune system to prevent outbreaks. It has worked great for me. I also don't mean to be a party pooper but you are a very young woman. Don't be so sure about the loyalty from your sex partner. Also your partner could have had it before he met you and never had outbreaks. There are so many that contract this from partners and they don't tell us. That is how I contracted it. He did not tell me so I did not have the option to choose. Do some research on what you have so that you can learn to be healthy and happy and live with it until we find a cure. There is hope and life is not over :>)


I too got it from someone who didn't disclose he had it. And we had used condoms, except for one time. It's all it takes. I have found that asking Super Lysine, from the vitamin store, costs about $14-19 really helps. I take three pills three times a day when I have an outbreak.

Also, I found that eating any nuts at all caused an outbreak, so I've had to avoid that as well.

herpes 2 215

having a ob as we speak when you first get infected its horrible just wash your hands before you touch anything a nds keep a spray bottle of bleach water and spray door knobs light switches and Tooley handles and sink faucets now use natural stuff i use baking it closes the lesion it smells pretty fishy so you know its a outbreak as the time goes on and it heals it will angel allot less fishy you have to wear a panty liner and if your bold you can use salt which Burns like hell !! but get the job done it also does the same as baking soda ps they both make the lesion leak so WEAR A PANTY LINER!! also when applying use a fresh cotton ball at all times and take you're meds i usually take a zip lock bag like a freezer bag and dump half of box of baking soda and cotton balls and shake !! so its a fresh one every time!! dust the extra stuff apply and keep it moving you also want, to Use a clean cotton ball on every area because you don't want to spread them !! as far as petting take a used paper towel or empty toilet paper roll and pee though it you will be more comfortable you also can soak in asphalt salt that also gives you relief don't worry add time goes on you will barely have any out breaks ! got mine from a boyfriend!

herpes 2 215

also use antibacterial soap hands and vaginal area for Extra safety you can also use bleach water from the spray bottle and don't use to much bleach just 2 little cap full hole bunch of water



I am very sorry to hear that you have contracted HSV so early in your life. I am a male myself and I probably had the absolute worst luck with partners you could think of. The first partner I was with gave me HPV, thankfully I haven't had an outbreak of that in over 8 years and from what my doctor has told me that in some cases if you don't have an outbreak in over 8 months it will leave your body. So hopefully that is out of the way but anyways like 5 years later my 5th partner gave me HSV and I have been living with it for around 5 years now. To be honest the first outbreaks are horrible and take forever to heal and tend to spread but to make light out of a dark subject it does get better. I don't take any medication for HSV unless I get an outbreak and I have typically 1 outbreak a year, at the very most 2 a year and they are very very small compared to my first and second outbreaks. I know this is a difficult time for you but it does get better and your life is not over.

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