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Hi after suffering years from RLS I finally have the solution and boy does it work a treat!!! Walking that's all it is, I don't know about you but most evenings with a slow build up I can almost sense that my RLS is starting to kick in so I have my evening meal and I go for a 20min walk around the block, by the time Its time to go to bed the symptoms have almost gone, my problem now is getting used to falling asleep sooner rather than later!!!! Please try it and comment as to how it works for you xx

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Seven years ago restless legs came for no apparent reason and drove me mad. Doctor gave me quinine tablets which did nothing. It all vanished as it appeared without reason.
A few months ago it returned with a vengeance. Many spoke of quinine and you will find it in Indian Tonic water. In desperation I tried it, and worked.
I don't like the taste of tonic water so bought the same with lemon. The iron in spinach is guaranteed to kick my legs off but now I drink the Schweppes indian tonic water with lemon zest, there is no problem at all. If it works for me, hopefully it will work for others.


Just wanted to add its been two weeks since I been walking 20mins every evening and no the RLS has not come back!!! The dark circles around my eyes thru lack of sleep are now disappearing. LIFE is Once AGAIN GrEAT!!!!!


Unfortunately, walking does not make a difference whatsoever for me. =(


Walking does not help my restless legs, sometime I think it makes it worse.


I could walk 10 miles and it wouldn't help me..i have tried everything and only way i get any sleep is with requip.

Mary Schilling, Prescott, Ontario

Please be careful with requip - mad side effects such as gambling addiction, shopping addiction and sex addiction. There is a class action lawsuit in Canada against the company that supplies requip and mirapex. I was taking mirapex and developed a gambling addiction. Since I had never gambled in my life it was very strange at first and then horrifying later. I went to a counciller after a year of going through all our savings and more. I thank god for this women who I feel saved my life by telling me about the sideaffects of mirapex and requip. Unbeleivable but true - once off the medication I am addiction free.
All this because I have RLS and am trying seek relief through medication.

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