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A painful, quarter-sized boil appeared slowly over a couple weeks on the side of my chin. After realizing that this was definitely no ordinary pimple, I took a typical square paper napkin and placed about 2T of Epsom Salts in the middle of the napkin, then gently covered the epsom salt with about a T of water to moisten the salt & paper slightly. I wrapped the edges of the napkin around the moistened salt to cover it, which made an easy-to-use epsom salt compress. Then I placed the moist paper compress on my face. I repeated each night for two days until the boil drained itself. Then I kept the area clean & covered during the day & allowed it to be open to the air at night for the following two weeks until all visual evidence of the boil had healed.

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Dear All,

I have no expensive and sure treatment for big boils. take small quanity of industrial soap if not possible than backing soda, add mustard oil and wheat flour and Borax powder. you can cook all the ingredient for 2-4 minutes by adding some quanity of water. Apply the thick paste like thing to Boil with bandage overnight. Within two days the boil will drain out automatically

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