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Drinking peppermint tea almost instantly gets rid of any type of headache for me (I get migraines, sinus, and tension headaches). Also, this may seem a little weird, but, if you have a headache where it hurts the most in a particular spot (migraine), after you steep the peppermint tea, save the tea bag and hold it against that area for a few minutes. The peppermint has a cooling, almost numbing effect.

The aroma of peppermint tea helps as well.

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The peppermint tea sounds good. I've always heard peppermint is good for a headache. Will any brand do? Is it available at retail stores like WalMart and Kroger?


Yeah most grocery stores sell a variety of teas. Have you heard of Tazo teas? they make a mint tea. Wal-mart should have it.


This helped me so much in under an hour. i felt great! I would suggest drinking 2 cups instead of just 1.

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