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Mix One tea spoon of turmeric powder in a tall glass of water and drink it down, it makes u feel better in a few minutes..
Donot drink coffee or eat sweets or eat ny thing spicy during ur periods cos it givs u horrible cramps..
If ur working and u take pills during this part of month pls avoid taking pain killers instead u can take calpol tabs. It is less powerful than the othe pain killers bt it is effective.

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I don't mean to sound bitchy but I'm feeling very bitchy right now and just want to kindly tell you a big fuck you from all the ladies out there thinking it because if your not in enough pain to need pain killers and sweets then you have no right commenting when there are some of us out here that feel like we are being stabbed repeatedly in the uterus with cramps so bad they make you throw up.

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