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OK I've read through quite a bit of these and most of them miss the point. Chiggers don't live under the skin but on it and are easily and often removed by scratching. they inject an enzyme that dissolves a portion of the skin and then hardens into a feeding tube. the only remedies I saw working either removed the feeding tube or braised it away. tried a warm bath and a comfortable abrasive of sugar and honey, then removed the 'chiggers' left with tweezers. Good luck

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I use the fingernail polish also.....always works


How do you remove with tweezers that which you cannot see?

Bob B.

From my personal experience--okay, the evil creatures inject an enzyme into the skin so they can establish a feeding tube. I understand that. Then where do they go? Do they just hang around the site waiting for this feeding tube to form? Do they connect to the feeding tube while remaining on the surface of the skin where they could be scraped away by finger nails or a knife blade?
My observation is that they burrow into the top layer of the skin, connecting to the feeding tube and becoming the ugly, blistering red 'bump' that causes the intense, frantic itching/scratching frenzy. They don't lay eggs--they are in the larval stage and are using the skin as a type of chrysalis where they develop and feed as they grow/transform into their next stage. That is why clear nail polish works as well as ammonia, etc., to suffocate/kill them. What an incredibly hateful bane they are! I am hitting Craig's list in search of a surplus flame thrower!

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