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Two Tbsp baking soda in one half cup of milk. It tastes really nasty, but in a couple minutes you will belch A LOT and heartburn will be gone for a few days.

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Thought it was gonna work but within 3-5 mins back again need help so much pain wondering if I need to go to emergency room


It wouldnt work because MILK causes heartburn to worsen because it increases acid production.


Ok I'm sitting here at half the.mornin cus of bloody heartburn.... I take omprezol or what ever its called daily. I've had blood test after blood test and thay ent showing anythin. I've done the milk.. toothpaste.. baking soda.. honey.. everything you buy over the counter..( I've suffered for a while.). But I still wake up with sick in me mouth and in real bad pain... plz help..


Milk does not level out your pH balance. So do not drink it if you have heartburn.

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