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Canker sores were plaguing my daughter for at least two years, and we tried everything. She is an adult, and they were getting so painful and frequent that she began crying, at times, in anticipation of pain to come.

I finally looked for a homeopathic remedy, and now I wish I would have looked two years ago. Boiron company makes a homeopathic remedy called Borax. My daughter a very few doses (5 tiny pellets each dose) and that was done several months ago. She has NOT HAD A CANKER SORE SINCE. The borax in the homeopathic remedy must be different from the borax used for cleaning, but I am not a chemist and don't know for certain, but this borax helped her tremendously.

I myself have had great results using homeopathic remedies for bumps and bruises (arnica montana) and for flu symptoms (oscillococcinum).

If anybody else tries this remedy I would love to get feedback on how it worked for you.

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what is Borax and where can i get it ?? my son is suffering for a few years from Canker Sores i feel so bad for him and there is nothing i can do to help him .

Informed consumer

FYI there is a suit against Borion. Buyer beware! Just do a search for 'Gallucci v. Boiron', it lists Oscillococcinum as one of the products.


I've used it for years and it works every time for me.

brain in use

Just want to second homeopathy as helpful, and also to point out that a lawsuit does not mean it is unhelpful. The lawsuit may be frivolous as well.

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