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I lost my insurance,sure enough 2 weeks later a tooth breaks and absesses and of course the pain makes me want to pull the tooth out. my jaw is swollen and I hurt alot.i am allergic to amoxicillian and pen.i did manage to get some keflex,but that didnt really help when they were gone. today I tried a bag of frozen peas,it didnt quite help. I am sensitive to ib and acetimemian? so I can only take small doses. so then I found this site and read.

I dont know for how long,but for now my pain went from an 8/10 down to a dull roar. I swished my mouth with kids pain releiver,focusing on the bad tooth. This STINGS, and almost feels like I through my mouth into shock! Then I brushed my teeth with generic sensitive tooth paste focusing again on tooth with warm water. then I mixed probally too much peroxide with a little bit of water and my mouth foamed like a rabid dog, and yes the tooth stung. after spitting I grabed my cheap mouth wash thinking no way am I trying listerine! So I used the cup and started swishing. Now mind you ive had 2 c-sections, I can handle pain, but the mouth wash HURT. I braved it out though,rinsed for about 1 mim 3x and now I feel no pain! Hope it last. I was also told swishing with Nyquil deadens the nerve as well,but I cant stomach the taste. Oh and the chewing soft bread is a good idea,it gently loosens you jaw. I am currently laying with a green tea bag inside my mouth and a hot pack on the outside.

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