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I am 11 and when I get pimples and they hurt so this is what I do. I wash my face with my daily soap and rinse. Then I take a cloth and turn on the water as hot as it can be. While the cloth is getting wet I put my soap on only the blemishs. I let it sit for 3 min and rinse with the hot cloth

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Cool I'm 11 too! But I use toothpaste. I put a dab on the pimples and ain't for it to dry then wash it off with warm water. May burn but it helps


Soap Is terrible for your skin and toothpaste makes them worse!


Tooth paste is not bad for acne or your skin. But soap does cause acne, face wash would atleast be better.


Im alittle bit older than u and when you said but toothpaste on i thought u ment to spread it all around and i yoused this very extra minty toothpaste it was so cold!!!

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