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Hi everybody. I think the key to whiten teeth is do couple methods. Ive heard the baking soda lemon is too har don the teeth so after reading this morning here some remedies I decided to try some.My teeth are always yellow no matter what I do.I dont smoke or drink coffee they are jsut naturaly yelowish.
What I did is
-brush with a regular whitening toohpaste.
-After that I gargled with peroxide 3% for about 3 or 4 min. I rinsed with water.
-Then I did oil pulling with olive oil for about 15min.
-After that I rinsed and brushed my teeth with my tooth brush and water
-Rinse and done.
The difference was huge this morning after completing this routine.
I just brush my teeth second time now but this time i sued only toothpaste.
Im going to od this routine only mornings but IM already seeing results.
My mouth feels so clean gums and tongue are read and healthy. Teeth definately whiter and shiny smile. Each step brings a step in whitening and the combination of the whitening toothpaste,peroxide and oil pulling gives overnight results.
I believe the improvement of any of these methods alone would be marginal and require a few days to notice

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I've used peroxide in my mouth. Brushed my teeth and flossed and then repeat eithout the flossing. It works lol but I've never done oil pulling... What does that even do for your teeth?


How often do you do this? Everyday? Three times a day? Once a day? Once per week?


Don't use peroxide regularly! While it is okay to kill bad germs once a week or so, it kills good and new tissue which will make you more suseptable to infections of the gums. Again, limit the peroxide to once a week at the most! ( this goes for other areas you may need to use peroxide on... ie.-piercings, wounds, etc. it will kill the new tissue)


What type of oil??


Sorry, I see it now!


Also anyone trying the nurses 50/50 ratio should note that it most likely means 50 percent hydrogen peroxide 3% concentrate, mixed with another recommended solution. You do not want to use 50 % concentrated HP as it will burn your skin.


People,you can google oil pulling.I dont gargle hidrogen peroxide I just move it in my mouththis process was way too long to do.
I did some research and at the end I decided to give hidrogen peroxide alone a chance and not this whole process.
I relaized I was giving hidrogen peroxide very little time for it to work only4min.
The key is 10min a day,or 10min morning and night if you can handle it and want faster results.
I read this at earthclinic website and people.My teeth ahve never been whiter in my entire life.Ive been doing it for a week,just brush my teethregulary,rinse and fill it with hidrogne peroxide for 10minutes.
My teeth are not Hollywood white yet,but if this keeps progressing at this same pace I can see it coming. I mean,when I smile people cant help but smile.I big straight beautiful teeth,the only downside was the yelowish color.Now taht they are getting white it looks almost like a celeb smile.As you can imagine IM so happy.I always thought white teeth were for the rich people that can aford the expensive treatments.
People try it,Hidrogen peroxide at 3% will leave your mouth clean.Give it 3 days and you should see some results,in a week the improvement is obvious.But stick to 10min or it wont work


This remedy tastes gross!!!! Like I have a strong gag reflex but I wanted to gag doing this :P


what is peroxide?


Peroxide worked okay but, i could not handle the oil pulling! I gagged after thirty seconds! Good suggestion though!

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