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Im going to be real with you about chigger bites. Scratch every single one of them, get them to bleed. Damp alchohol on a paper towel and rub it on your wounds. ( This cleans them, it will sting for a momment and temporary gets rid of the itch ) When the itch comes back use cordozone 10. ( cost 5 dollars at walmart ) Also your having a allergic reaction to the bites so take extra strength denadryl pills. ( 2 pills twice daily, you will feel drowzy but it is better than itching ) At night use tylenol pm sleep aid.

I had over 100 chigger bites on the left side of my body. I couldn't bear it and slept 4 hours within 2 days. I wen't to walmart and bought all the above items. Cost me less than 20 dollars. ( KEEP IN MIND THERE IS NO INSTANT CURE, YOU MUST LET YOUR BODY HEAL ). After following what I did you will still itch but it is bareable. The bites you did not scratch and use alchohol on will still itch or miss with the cordozone. I did this one night and I still have the chigger bites on me as im typing this 1 day later and the only chigger bite itching is one on my knee. ( note I have over a 100 chigger bites )

Hope this helps

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Concerned Medical Assistant

Why are you giving advice about scratching a bite until it bleeds? I agree that the alcohol will help with the itching, as will the cortisone, however I do not advise opening any wound, bite, or other lesion. Especially with your fingernails, notorious breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria. Oh, I apologize, apparently you received your MD at Wal-Mart, as well as your sixth-grade grasp of the English language.

Scratching in GA

I've moved from New England to Northen Georgia in August--very hot and humid here. I had one 'itch spot' on my stomach, then I noticed more appearing every day, mostly on thighs back of knees, ankles, etc. I've now had them for almost a month, several new spots appear every few days. I wear protective clothing and bug spray when I'm outside but generally stay in now.
I've trying the nail polish, Chigarid, alcohol, hot baths,benadryl. Old ones that seem to scab over then seem to renew their strenth to drive me insane and develop new whelts beside the old ones. Is there anything that can be taken internally to control these? How long does it take for them to go away????

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