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What u need
1 lime
Pinch of salt
Pinch sugar
Smallest cup in ur house of milk/cream
Take the lime cut it in half the take the salt put it on the lime rub on ur stretch marks for 2 min.
Put the lime under water to take off the salt get the sugar and do the same....
Then with the milk put some on the lime and do the like 2 week ur stretch marks will have fadded tremendously:)!!!!! Its amazing:)

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Do I do this everyday? and can I wipe my stretch marks with a wet rag after this so the smell wont draw critters in my bed?


Can you do it while pregnant?


How often do you do this? Do you leave it over night or do you rinse it off immediately after?


I'm about to do this right now but I'm not sure if I wash it off after or let it stay on me so I will keep it on for 30min to an hour than take a bath I will do this twice a day morning and night... I'm so excited hope it works lol


Does it really work? Please say yess! also, how old were your stretch marks?


Can you use a lemon?


Has anybody tried this? Does it work?


Im trying this now i hope it works! thanks :)


i hope this works, im 19 n i have it on my arms n thigh. sigh i really hope it wrks


I'm going to try this soon, my thinking is that if we do this about 5-10 minutes before showering and let it sit just that short while, wash gently in the shower and moisturize later it'll help.

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