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kayla mine 16 almost 17 and I've had stretch marks since like 14 and I was so tired of them so I talked to my mother and she showed me this book that my grandmother had kept and one said to take baby power and rubbing alcohol and be4 u mix it just poor the rubbing alcohol in the baby power and let it bubble for like 5 min....ohkay then mix it and get a cotten ball rub on the marks and let become white then the white will go away but do that as many time as u have time in a day more the better but it works I was impressed honestly:D good luck

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Do that work


Should the mixture be more solid or liquid?


when you put it on your marks, and it becomes a sorta paste after putting it on the marks, do you wipe it off or leave it?


im gonna start doing this tomorrow and let you guys know if it worked for me :)


How Long Did It Take For Your Stretch Marks To Go Away And How Many Times Did You Do It ?


Uh baby power what's that???
Is it baby powder?


This works! I have been doing it for a week and it has very noticeably faded. Some actually healed up and disappeared. After 3 days they started itching really bad,like they did when they started forming. Eventually just disappeared. Its amazing. I'm so happy I didn't spend hundreds on cream that would take months to get a little fade.


can i use green cross alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol ?


OK so I'm trying this but when I poured the alcohol into the baby powder it didn't bubble? Idk what that's suppose to mean but I'm hoping this freaking works


What's rubbing alcohol, where can I buy it?

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