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Recently I had my first experience with hives. Lasting just over 4 weeks and thinking and hoping they would just disappear, using 1% hydrochloride alergic cream that offered little help. The itchy red bumps would appear, last a few days, go away, then re-appear elsewhere on my body. First it was my foot, then hand, wrist, forearm, then few on my stomach. After doing some research online I went to Walmart and bought a box of Allergy Relief, 180mg antihistamine tablets for 10 dollars, and anti itch allergic cream with 2% hydrochloride for 3 dollars. Take one allergy relief tablet every 24 hours, and use the cream accordingly, (Box says no more than 3 times day, I used it whenever I got the urge to itch.)
The first 48 hours I definitely noticed a difference. The itching stopped, no new red bumps, and previous ones disappeared.

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I think you mean Hydrocortisone not hydrochloride.

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