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I picked up ringworm from a stray kitten 8 weeks ago and developed multiple lesions from my neck to my upper legs before I found out what it was. While topical anti-fungal creams slowly healed the lesions, I kept on getting new ones, despite changing my towel every time I showered, washing everything in boiling water and being extremely careful not to scratch the lesions. I had even had three weeks of antifungal tablets ( once weekly dose) which didn't make any difference. I was recommended an 'old' remedy, Whitfield's Ointment, and it has worked after one week of twice daily applications, healing all the lesions at once and no new ones to be seen. It is a bit harsh on the skin, drying the area to the point it peeled ( no blisters) but the healing response was immediate.

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cheap white toothpaste applied to the area kills ringworm, i am 50 years old my granny put it on me as a child with a ringworm and i have used it for my childern and grandchildern works everytime and clears them up with 2 days

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