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Just use hydrogen peroxide !!! I know it may sound scary, but try it because it really works!! All you'll need are these:
1. Hydrogen Peroxide
2. Towel(preferrably big so you won't drip everywhere
3. A CUP that you don't use for drinkig out of
4. Water (optional)
Lay down on anywhere comfortable but it has to be a flat surface. Put the towel around your neck so you won't drip anywhere and make a mess. Now pour the hydrogen peroxide in your the ear that you want to start with. Remember you have to do this laying on your side. Make sure you don't overfill your ear so that it can splash everywhere!! Just wait for it to stop bubbling inside your ear. Now get the cup and put the rim underneath your earlobe. Slowly sit up to drain your ear . Repeat on other ear. You can rinse your ear with water if you want !

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Aziz ul haq khan, karachi

Hydrogen per oxide (H2O2) is a bleaching
agent and it is a poison, avoid its use for cleaning purpose instead of it use soda glycerin to soften the wax. consult your friends, family members or doctors before using any home remedy.


If you do your research, you will know that hydrogen peroxide is NOT what softens the wax. It is the vehicle for 'pushing' the olive oil or warm water further into the ear so that the oil or water can soften the wax more effectively. Yes, it bubbles - but that's because of its composition not because it's 'working on the wax'. Totally cool to use, but by itself...not effective. It's the warm water or warm olive oil or mineral oil that softens the wax and allows it to come on out of the ear.

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