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Just use hydrogen peroxide !!! I know it may sound scary, but try it because it really works!! All you'll need are these:
1. Hydrogen Peroxide
2. Towel(preferrably big so you won't drip everywhere
3. A CUP that you don't use for drinkig out of
4. Water (optional)
Lay down on anywhere comfortable but it has to be a flat surface. Put the towel around your neck so you won't drip anywhere and make a mess. Now pour the hydrogen peroxide in your the ear that you want to start with. Remember you have to do this laying on your side. Make sure you don't overfill your ear so that it can splash everywhere!! Just wait for it to stop bubbling inside your ear. Now get the cup and put the rim underneath your earlobe. Slowly sit up to drain your ear . Repeat on other ear. You can rinse your ear with water if you want !

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London wisdom

This will BURN YOUR EAR DRUM OUT,! The idiot that wrote this is looking to cause damage to innocent readers, do not ever do anything off the Internet without asking a few friends and family for there opinion and a doctor, be carefull there are a lot of idiots posting on these sites.


That will NOT burn your ear drum out(FOOL), your the idiot for saying that smh!! I've had several doctors tell me to do that to my son ears because he keeps wax in them. Maybe you should research & know your facts before you comment & judge someone!!!


One would advise that you mention that nothing above 3 percent (5 if you really wwant) should be used. Im actually doing this now.


Just get a Q-tip and drip a few drops and CLEAN YOUR EARS! STUPID MOFOS


alot of us need to evalute why we are getin acne, is it horomnal, cosmetic induced, stress, bad products,stress all the above?? U have to target the root of ur acne, simply washing ur face wont work. If u have horomnal acne u need to get on a hormones ( i know weird ) Mines was Cosmetics, I went on a beauty haul and bought all this high end crap that broke me out and I was using a PORE scrub to remove makup/wash my face, which tore me up. Watch how u use ur products..I stop wearin makup, GONE !

Caring person

Check your information before you send it. All we want is good info about things to do. Stop calling each other names, it make people not believe either one of you. Be nice.

florida nurse

I am a nurse and i'm back in school continuing my education as well. It is a well known remedy in the medical field to use peroxide for ear wax, but it is actually to dilute the peroxide when used at home with a little water. For kids it needs to be half and half.


I was told to use hydorgen peroxide...bad idea!!!! I had to go to the Dr. to get peroxide removed.....was horrible....worse than the wax. Never again


I just tried this and diluted the hydrogen peroxide about 1/4th hydrogen peroxide and 3/4ths part water and left it in for about a minute. It bubbled a little and felt a little tingly, but afterward my ear felt less clogged. I tried 2 more times and my ear feels even better than before I got the wax clogged in my ear.


I tried this and it didnt clear the blockage, I went to the Doctor afterwards and he said all that I achieved was bleaching my ear canal! whats the point of a white ear canal if you still cant hear!

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