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Elizabeth in OK

I have found an excellent remedy for MRSA! I have been very prone to the MRSA Boils for years...and I have a low immune system even at 21yrs old. I still get them but I found out that if you mix a paste of Bacitracin and ground Turmuric (you can get it in the seasoning isle of your local grocery store)...and apply it onto a piece of gauze and tape it there and leave it for a few hrs and then change it again it will help the boil also is a natural anti inflammatory and pain reliever. It reduces the pain and the swelling. Put it on even while it is draining and you will see it healing much faster. Sounds weird but I PROMISE it works! :)

Use SCARZONE and liquid VITAMIN E for the scars as SOON as the boil heals. Will reduce the appearance of scars from it.

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How long does this remedy take to cure the MRSA?

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