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Hey chicas! (or guys also if u were unfortunate enough to receive this nightmare from a partner if yours) ... I have diabetes, not very well controlled meaning LOTS of miserable yeasty infections constantly. I dont have a lot of $ to buy those 20$ kits all the time so I checked this site out and definitely found many interesting theories but I personally think its weird and uncomfortable to shove cloves of garlic up my whooter so I took a few diff. remedies&combined them&found a winner for me, so I hope it works for u. Here we go:
1st take a small bowel&combine 1tbs of table salt, 1 cap full of vinegar (white), and 1tbs of HOT water then place a tampon in it to soak all those bacteria fighters up
2nd(while thats soaking) combine 1 liter of water with 2tbs of salt&2 caps full of vinegar(white) and shake well. wash urself (inside and out) and rinse then repeat but dont rinse the 2nd time. Let it dry.
Finally, use the tampon change every 4hrs&cont.4-5days& symptoms r gone! goodluck!!!

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Hi I've been dealing with yeast infections fo a loong time...did ur yeast infection come baq after u did this?..nd can I add garlic in the water?


I've always heard that white vinegar is too harsh. Try apple cider vinegar!!!


amazing!! All I had was garlic vinegar so I used that since some say use garlic. Sea salt not regular table salt.. and it worked!! I've been in pain for 2 days and now feel relief. Thank you


The hot vinegar worked. had Ben suffering for more than 6months


The seasalt/apple vinigar + oral garlic sounds good and thank you for doing the experimenting. Necessity is the mother of invention and if you look itch/burn up in Websters it says 'Necessity!' Thanks again
' A guy with the 7 day itch...'


BS made me 100 times worse don't do it!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
It worked! Burned for about 10 minutes and now relief! I suffered using the $20 over the counter stuff. Never again!


I used apple cider vinegar, sea salt and cold water. I walk added spittle garlic powder. The vinegar dissolves the salt so add the water last. Yes it stings but its totally bareable, especially Compared with the itch or burn from the yeast.

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