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Find something to numb area, especially skin tag. Clean area alcohol or something, but make sure it is dry before proceding. Use new, clean soldering iron to burn it off. Be very careful not to burn anything else. No bleeding involved as the burn site is cauterized.

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this is crazy!


that sounds very scary


Dog, You tube it if some dumbass actually tries this!hahahahahahaha


I am not going to put a blow torch or anything else that is used for mechanical purposes on private areas.

Charles Manson

If the soldering iron doesn't work then try a pair of tin snips

T. King

I had like 30 little skin tags all around my neck. My father's caretaker from Nicaragua tied a long enough thread (to match my skin, sort of) by making a lil noose with the thread. She then proceeded to put it over my skin tag. She pulled it tightly kind of slowly to make sure she had the thread at the very base of the skin tag, as close to my skin as possible to be sure to get it al! I did feel a slight pinch but nothing I couldn't endure. She then made a second knot with the same thread to secure it. Lastly, she she snipped off the remaining thread leaving about 2/8ths of an inch. After a couple to a few days they all started turning black and all by themselves started falling off and Voila all gone! Of course some of the larger ones took a couple days longer. Also, I noticed a few people would look at my neck when I had this going on but never bothered to ask about it Tip: When I showered, I very carefully just cleaned around my neck very gently with my hand as not to pull or snag them with anything. I had previously had three removed at the Drs. office about 10 years ago whereas the Dr. froze them with something and then clipped them off with some sort of little scissors. This procedure did leave a scar a shade slightly lighter than the surrounding skin. However, when I went back years later to have these removed they told me that it was solely for 'cosmetic reasons' and told me they were not covered under my insurance this time, so that is why I opted for this homeopathic procedure which for me worked brilliantly! I never looked back and would recommend doing it again and doing it for a friend if need be. On the neck, its easier if someone does it for you. I was extremely happy with the results! My brother stopped teasing me about having little boogers on my neck and now I do not have to be self conscious about them 'hanging' around my neck anymore! Extremely satisfied!

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