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For Bleeding(as in a wound,) apply a little sugar and let it melt over the wound. This will stop the blood from flowing any more. Do not use this for bleeding nose.

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NO. never do this. ever. EVER!


That is like puting salt in your eyes.


this worked well for a knife wound that my idiot teen age son did to himself. he didn't feel discomfort from the sugar and it stopped the bleeding


My aunt as a child had a head wound; neighbor quickly put sugar on it and it stopped. (As told to us.)

A pioneer along Ohio River had been scalped. Next pioneers coming upon him put sugar on his wound and saved his life. (In an historical recount.)
Neither did I witness but would try it if all else was not available.


Salt works great too.


No do not do this My daughter cut her hand at work and the owner did this and because of the sugar she had to soak her hand before stitches could be placed, nurse said sugar is a no no other herbs could be used but not sugar it's not as natural as people think...


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