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Ryan Gray

ive noticed if i slept on my side one of both ears became clogged and all together weird, so this my sound nasty but get your pointing finger; put it in the troubled ear (note put it in fairly deep) AND PULL IT OUT QUICK do this until its better!

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I hope you find something else to do soon. You're a very sad person.


grandmompolice shut up


Ok, I'm an RN and I totally understand why you would NOT want to do this (and probably SHOULD NOT)...but dang! I've been battling a clogged ear all day and this worked like a charm!


Yes this really work my right ear had been clogged for about 2 weeks i had tried every thing an nothing worked so i tried using your pointed finger put it in the very rim in your ear and pull it out fast and yes it unplug it sounds bad but it really did the job thanks so much for this home remedie.


omg, i spent two days trying to get rid of wax blocking my ear by putting olive oil and syringing my ear with water - neither worked for me. Then, i try this method only to hear clearly in 3 seconds. THANK YOU!


Worked the second try. Make sure you use a finger with a short nail and get a really good seal when you sick your finger in there.


Winner!!!!! Thank YOU soooooo much!!!


My ear has been plugged for almost 6 days now---just did this and it worked...I can hear!! Thanks for the suggestion!!


I've been clogged for three days and work with the elderly, we've been yelling back and forth for days ;) thank you!

Anonymous i the only one this isn't working for? I've done it like 10 times.

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