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Ryan Gray

ive noticed if i slept on my side one of both ears became clogged and all together weird, so this my sound nasty but get your pointing finger; put it in the troubled ear (note put it in fairly deep) AND PULL IT OUT QUICK do this until its better!

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So you would do this when your ear is in PAIN .. no yall are some fucking idiots.


Well I just now tried what u said I iust placed my index finger in my ear thats plugged and it almost completely worked . Thank u so much. I thought to myself how in the world do u put ur finger far in ur ear it wont go very deep. But it almost got it


Third Time was a charm. Very helpful thank you so much, my sleep was being ruin!


Wow, worked really well. Not perfect but every little bit helps!


Tought this wouldn't work but it totally does thank you

gypsy gal x

Worked so well for me , thanks a lot x


My right ear has been clogged for two days! I tried this.. Did it 4 times and it worked! I couldnt believe it. i can hear again! Wow... Thanks


i am doing this right now and it is working thanks


Thanks for the comment!!! I loved your use of punctuation (The comma, semicolon, and exclamation point. No periods, I guess?) The use of all lowercase letters until the third sentence, preceding the use of all capital letters was brilliant! Keep the comments coming!


It did work but how long does it last?

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