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Ryan Gray

ive noticed if i slept on my side one of both ears became clogged and all together weird, so this my sound nasty but get your pointing finger; put it in the troubled ear (note put it in fairly deep) AND PULL IT OUT QUICK do this until its better!

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best to help is less than a cap full of peroxide and water.. breaks the wax up hun


MAN!!! I just tried this and it worked - going to my own Farewell Party this afternoon and was fearing being miserable. Many thanks!


suffering for 12 hours tried this and worked in seconds thank you so much !!!


Worked perfectly, thanks

I was afraid this would last forever


Worked like a charm! not as satisfying as I had hoped(no satisfying pop) but hearing is hearing!


this just worked for me! Thanks!


Holy hell this worked fine


Thank you so much! Your suggestion worked like a charm!


This can rupture your ear drum.


To:ruptured ear drum comment. Also, can cause a deep inner ear infection, I almost lost my hearing from doing this. I had scratched my ear canal with my fingernail and the clog turned into a chronic inner ear infection, went to the doctor as soon as I could,(a week later, I was on school retreat.)and Doc said I could have lost my hearing all together if i had waited any longer, as he was pulling out gobs of neon green and blood from my ear. The remedy was a sterile/medicated sponge implanted in my ear until it work its way out on its own.

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