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Recently my wife and kids suffered with about 50 bites after spending a week in the woods at camp. They used bug spray; the new DEET replacement, but it didn't work.

After a couple of days they had scratched the welts open and mentioned the bites to me.

I went out and bought some first aid spray (the kind with Benzocaine) and a bottle of new skin. The concentration of Benzocaine was 20%. The higher the concentration the better, the reason is this helps quickly relieve the itching.

Step 1: spray each bite with the First Aid spray and wait for it to dry. This takes about 10 minutes and may sting some.

Step 2: Apply the 'New Skin' to the bites. Make 2 coats to help seal the wound.

Repeat the treatment every night before bed or after bathing. Use the first aid spay as necessary to relieve itching throughout the next day. If the spay does not work well enough then you can take Benadryl.

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