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Lowana Veal did a study on the effectiveness of essential oils on killing lice eggs and adults. (also check neem oil - not used in this study, but thought to disrupt the reproductive capacity of lice)

here is the relevant info from her study:
The lice were dipped in the appropriate solution, at a concentration of 2 drops EO to 10 mls solvent, blotted dry, and left overnight in an incubator. Then they were shampooed with a normal shampoo, and then a rinse mixture of 2 drops essential oil to 100 mls of vinegar/ water (50:50) was poured over them. The same procedure was carried out on lice eggs, on strips of gauze.

The blended oils that worked best were a 50:50 mixture of tea tree and cinnamon leaf (not cinnamon bark), which killed all the lice and 96% of the eggs; and peppermint and nutmeg at a 30:70 ratio, which killed 82% of eggs and all the adults. The solvent in these cases was 40% alcohol. A rosemary/red thyme mixture was also tried, but didn't work well. Also, without the rinse the oils were hopeless against the eggs.

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I been using tea tree, eucaliptus in the shampoo, works.

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