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La Vern De Wilde

Too high a diet in carbohydrates creates nasal conjestion and asthma. When winter comes and there is less sun we all have a tendency toward eating more carbohydrates and thus comes the common cold, which is nasal and chest conjestion with phlegm. To come into balance, eat less sugar and carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetable and fish are the median balance foods.
Higher energy and weight loss occur through the increase of meats and the reductions of sugars, fruits and refined carbohydrates.

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I'm currently suffering with a sinus cold while on a ketogenic (very low carbs) diet, so this information (although good advice) doesn't apply to all sinus cold.

Katie Collett

This is partly true. I've noticed that although I've taken dairy out (I've had a confirmed intolerance to whey), I STILL have horrible congestion in my nose & throat/ lungs/ ears/ sinuses...
I notice it gets worse if I have the slightest of sugar. I've tried to eliminate most all sweets, but sometimes I fall. Last night I had roasted honey nut pecans, and candy-carmelized walnuts.... and here came the congestion again.... Granted I have the occasional chocolate which contains the dairy,... but I'm shocked that the elimination of dairy hasn't done the trick yet. It's been a month or so now (w/ just occasional chocolate/ dairy).

Sugar definitely seems to make things worse... for arthritic symptoms too. I've many people who feel the same way mention this.

I've also researched health & healing & nutrition for the past 12 yrs. You see, certain foods DO make a very hospitable environment for candida, bacteria, viruses... all that. The foods that do this are of acidic nature (meats, grains, sugars, flours... hope I didn't miss any). The sugars also FEED the candida/ bacteria.... which in turn produces the mucous.

I've suffered w/ this chronic congestion for years! Worse now than EVER!!

I HAVE gotten rid of it a few times though.... Once, it was so bad, that I had sleep apnea/ COPD.... scary torture, I tell you! :-( I took this awful tasting/ smelling stuff that smells/ tastes like bleach. It's called MMS (NOT to be confused w/ MSM). I HATE taking it.. but it WORKS!!! I'm gonna have to buy me some more, darn it! ;-(

Another way I once got rid of it was thru doing a fast of just fruits & veggies only, mostly raw, and many of those days were water only. This was a 40 day fast... not that 40 days is necessary, just my goal at the time. It won't take you 40 days.

Fruits & veggies are very alkaline, rather than acidic. Raw especially will be incredibly alkaline & very healing, high in nutrients & healing properties... enzymes especially.

Homemade meat & bone broth (w/ gelatin included) is also very healing.

People, stop bashing each other just because you don't understand. If someone takes the time to TRY & help, be grateful or be quiet. From the words of Thumper: 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' Just because you don't understand how the puzzle fits together, doesn't make the other person wrong. Be willing to learn. Ask more questions to help you understand what they are trying to say, but don't bash others.


lol ok it's nice to see another person who eats healthy but I eat a high protein and veggie diet plus exercise and my face is severely stuffed . I don't eat or drink dairy nor do I eat carbs or sugar .

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