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La Vern De Wilde

Too high a diet in carbohydrates creates nasal conjestion and asthma. When winter comes and there is less sun we all have a tendency toward eating more carbohydrates and thus comes the common cold, which is nasal and chest conjestion with phlegm. To come into balance, eat less sugar and carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetable and fish are the median balance foods.
Higher energy and weight loss occur through the increase of meats and the reductions of sugars, fruits and refined carbohydrates.

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Whole grains ARE carbohydrates. It is not a matter of eating less carbs, but eating a balance and choosing whole grains wherever possible. However, in a person without a wheat allergy or allergy to other types of carbs, nasal congestion is not a symptom of just eating carbs.


Carbs don't give you Asthma are you retarded?


This person obviously has a medical degree from the school of morons. Stuffy noses are not caused by carbs, neither is asthma. Asthma is caused by allergies. Most infants display early symptoms such as exema, diaper rash and vomiting when exposed to an allergen which later manifests itself as itchy watery eyes, and stuffy noses...untreated youth allergies lead to asthma. Check your facts idiot!!!


Now now - this is only for suggestions! Its not a dangerous suggestion - its probably just more of a homeopathic approach - which is fine!


Please! The day is coming when you can have perfect permanent health. (Isaiah 33:24) Please contact me in order to qualify when that day arrives.


Actually this person is correct.
Too much sugar, or refined carbs in processed foods can make your body acidic, or sick. Athsma can be triggered by build-up of acid in body. Restore body to more alkaline or balanced state with vegetables, complex carbs, and lean-low fat protein. Look up acid forming foods or alkaline diets on the net, see for yourself. Oh yeah, you need to sweat (exercise, too) daily.


Allergies are not caused by carbohydrates.


I diet high in animal products is far, far more likely to cause congestion of any sort. They are difficult to digest. Perhaps if you have a wheat sensitivity or gluten intolerance you will have more congestion. 'Carbs are bad' thinking may actually cause people to not eat healthy high enzyme fruits and b and c rich foods like brown rice and vegetables. What is bad is all refined food. See Michael Pollen's latest work on this.


Absolutely ridiculous! I have an endocrine system disorder that requores I eat a low carb diet. I STILL have allergies & colds. I STILL get bronchitis about once a year and I've been doing lowered and healthy carbs (fruit, low fat dairy, leN protein, whole grain) for 6 years. I eat very few processed foods. Oh, and several friends of mine who are vegan or far more strict on unprocessed foods than i am also get colds and pneumonia!


Do you think you catch a cold from being out in the cold, too? Because that's wrong as well. Colds are virus'. A healthy diet will help with the vitamins and minerals you need to combat it, but it's forever morphing that no matter what we do, we're all going to get it. I blame dirty people who don't cover their mouths or wash their hands. As for asthma, you may be right about the carbs and sugar. That doesn't effect me so I'm not going to look into it. But thanks for posting.

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