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I am only 11 1/2 and I have canker sores for as long as I can remember I even got one on the left Side of my tongue which I accidently bit. And I have a home remedy. If you have anbesol or a numbing medication for canker sores use that it will numb it so you can put salt on it so it won't sting. Pinch the salt on canker sore(s) for 20-30 seconds

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OMG!! Thank you soo much!! This worked well for me. I still had it but when I did those it went away


I've been getting them since I was a kid. My grandmother used to use baking soda and a lime and rub them off which was extremely painful but effective. After reading about your suggestion to numb the area I tried it and it worked!There was still a sting but bearable.


brilliant idea to numb it first! I've been hearing lots of people comment about salt (on here and in person) but have been too afraid of the pain. I never thought to numb it first.

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