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Hi all,
I have read all 20 pages of remedies here on this forum on plantar warts. I have 1 on each of my feet I can help but feel the one on my right foot spread to my left foot from swapping socks from one foot to the other over time as they are both in the same position near the balls of each foot. I have had them for probably a couple of years now and never really bothered to much about them. But this year I have started fighting them vigorously with everything over the counter and having them frozen etc.
I will not consider surgery.
About a month ago after acid wax and a good freezing I managed to dig the whole thing out of my right foot to be left with smooth pink fresh skin. Hooray success. But 2 my horror 2 weeks later it came back?? I was so disappointed.
I have no been trying ACV tape in combination with freezing. ACV seems to be vary popular on this forum and I have read many success stories.
My question is from anyone who has had success from ACV as stated. 'what has resulted months and years down the track'? Have your warts stayed away or have they come back again.
My email address is
Would love to hear directly from anyone wishing to discuss their personal situation?
Feel free to contact me on the above email.
Cheers Michael

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Wart treatments didn’t work. Apple cider vinager – no. Duct tape, incision, freezing; all made my wart mad and grow. Did some research came up with a plan. Step 1: Use heat to dry out wart (careful not to burn yourself) but I used radiator as it was winter time. This will shrink wart and prevent it from panic growth then kill it. Try not to let the wart become moist as it will swell in size. Step 2: Warts have immune suppressing qualities so you body does not recognize it as a foreign invader. Push a sterile needle into the wart as deeply as you can and across its diameter. Then force a splinter of wood into the needle puncture, your own body will then attack the splinter with anti-bodies and your wart will suffer by proxy. Keep dry and heat to stop panic. The splinter will grow out and you repeat the process depending on the size of the wart this can take a few times but I found it to be 100% effective. Believe me it is less painful than ACV.


What is ACV?


ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar.


Its michael here again - both warts are now gone. I am so happy. I continued with regular freezing and wart paint and daily pairing with a scalpel. I ended up spending the money on a immune skin cancer cream called aldara suggested by the doctor. It didn't seem to work during the 4 weeks or several weeks after but remarkably my warts have now disappeared. During the whole process i was using many options, once after the aldara I tried milk thistle - just once. So I really can't put my success down to one thing. But I will suggest constant daily pairing along with a variety of treatments will pay off. Again feel free the e-mail me if you need any help

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