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I found out after a complete physical for. I've had STD testing yearly for over 20 years. More often when i have a sex partner or meet someone new. My habit was to have a mutual showing of 'papers' before taking it to level sex. I almost always used condoms unless i was in a committed relationship. i was STD free or so i thought. I was in a great relationship when i got the physical over a year ago. We were talking marriage and kids, so decided to have a prelim blood test JIC. It came back positive and i was in complete shock and heartsicknessness. I assumned my man burned me, i was angry but ready to forgive him. I confronted him and he got tested. He is negative! no Virus. WTH!!! i'd never had an outbreak, never, no bumps itching or stinging unless it was a yeast infection. We broke up consequently and i've mourned him for almost a year. I'm over him now and was pretty happy till i lost my job annnd. Guess what my first outbreak and no health coverage. I found this site and am trying Lysine, Vit b complex, garlic, and probiotic. Topically i applied Propolis+tea tree+plus aloe vera gel. It cured the itching and burning. I almost forgot it was there. its been two days and i'm hoping it works. I've been dating but check out when it gets to the point where i can't hold off the sex any longer. I don't have the nuts to tell em, nor am i willing to take a chance and burn em. I'm embarrased, depressed, feel worthless. I'm lonely, and hopeless. I thank God for my 25 year old daughter, she doesnt even know that my love for her is the only reason i havent checked out. I don't even know who where or when i got HVS can't even be mad at anyone

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Hey, I went through the same thing when I was diagnosed with GH and my partner came up negative. He was the only one I was sexually active with so it made no sense. Then my doctor told me that he would only test positive when he's having an outbreak.


Listne i never got tested however i have all the symptoms. I will go six months w/o an ob. When i finnaly admitted it to myself i felt less than a man. I was a whore and paid the price. I am a good looking man i think, a bartender, and have absolutly no problems picking up ladies. In fact its to easy.....but i havent had sex now in four years or been in a relationship because of the shame and humiliation. Right now i have a ob. Sucks. Its small not a big deal but its a reminder to myself that i did this! I sooo want a meaningfull relationship with a woman who will just accept my flaws. But its not fair for me to potentially give this to her!!! I would not wish this on anyone!!!! Just know i feel your pain and stay celebut and jerk off a lot!? Haha. Which really sucks! I miss the bond of companionship and intimacy!!! But i keep faith!!! God has a plan for my life!!!


so what you have GH! I do too & have known for several years. got diagnosed when in a serious steady relationship. at the time we stayed together. we initially thought we were practicing safe sex so why bother starting now. I got on a suppressant prescribed to me by my doctor called Acyclovir. I take it twice a day, at the same time. just now had my first outbreak in years this week. of course keeping it dry help a lot and wearing cotton undergarments. it's been over a year and a half since I broke up with my ex, the 1 that I was diagnosed with GH. I started dating again. told 1 guy and he freaked out so we never ended up having sex. text me this whole time to myself to courage to continue dating all the while still not having another outbreak till just recently. that's medicine really works! the only reason I'm having outbreak now is because I quit my job and haven't been able to find another 1 for several months. I have not told my new boyfriend after talking to my doctor. she recommended that I don't have sex while having any symptoms. also those that's great oil called NEEM that you can apply to the genital area to prevent spreading to your sexual partner. gotoWhole Foods to get it! don't give up on being happy! this isn't life threatening, but it is embarrassing & a GREAT LIFE WITH SEX can still happen! usually people that get this did nothing wrong. people don't feel like sh*t when they get fever blisters, somehow its more accepted! stop feeling ashamed of yourself! Get some acyclovir, from the dr & pick up some neem oil! no 1 dies from GH. I don't mean to tell you to go against your morals, don't give up on your happiness you deserve to have that!!!

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