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Something that works wonders for me which my House Doctor tipped me on is following: If the migraine is just beginning to flare up, drink half a cup of really black coffee and take 4 x 500 mg paracetamol with it. What happens is that when the migraine starts up your stomach functions are closing down so no matter what you take it will not help as your body does not absorb it into your system. By drinking really black coffee you force the stomach to get to work and thus the paracetamol will help. The dose is higher than normal but if it is only now and then your body can actually handle it. Cheaper than having to buy really expensive medicines that may or may not work or give you side effects.
Good luck to everyone!

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Surely you can not recommend taking more than 1g of paracetamol at a time!? This is a sure fire way to destroy your liver


I'm sure you're joking right? Pure black coffe with 2 grams of paracetamol? Are you sure you want to get better instead of worse?


It's really kind of you to offer advice, but I feel I should post this to warn you/others that paracetemol is HIGHLY toxic to your system if the correct dose is not taken. I don't know how it all works, what it affects etc, but my husband's a doctor and they've been warned about paracetemol. Just thought I should put it out there.


After reading this comment, I wondered if the coffee may help to absorb any medication you may take. However, like the others that have commented on this post, the amount of paracetamol you are recommending is very dangerous. It takes only 10 paracetamol to cause an overdose. I have been recommend by a Pharmacist to take a combination of codeine and asprin, along with only 2 x 500mg of paracetamol. Each of these drug family's work well together in their recommended doses.

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