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I just recovered from a fever blister, this is what I did. The major stuff lasted for 3days and the scab two days
It erupted on the first day so i picked at it with a needle, then i put nail polish remover on it since i didn't have alcohol and some ice and at night i put some toothpaste. On the second day i still put some nail polish remover because it was now fully open and disgusting and the magic happened, I was so disgusted and wanted to cover it up, so I crushed Ibuprofen and made a paste and put in on (it stings after you put it on) for about two days more, I did this every time day time and night time and didn't use nail polish remover or anything else and it was all dried up just the scab which I then put vaseline on it and the next morning it fell off and now all i have its just some faded color at the bottom of my lip. it took a total of five days to get this faded color. I wish I could send a pic.
But i suggest you try the ibuprofen, it worked wonders for me and thought i should share it. GOOD LUCK :)

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wow! you did so many different things to your lip...that i am amazed if you don't have some scarring from all the treatment.
5 days is about the course of the blister, if you don't do anything to it, but let it run its course. sorry hon, but you need to follow the advice of someone else, not give it out. just my opinion.


OK! I have been getting fever blisters all my life and could never find anything that actually did the 'trick'
I felt one coming on 2 nights ago and decided to put finger nail polish remover on it. Wouldn't you know!? It is gone!! FINGER NAIL POLISH REMOVER WORKS LIKE A CHARM FOR ME!


Okay when u crushed the iboprufen ; what did you mix it with ? Water ? Vinegar ,? Anything ? I need help badly . My coldsore is in the inside|outside of my lip &' its white . Im trying to dry it out and get a scab on it , but its always getying moist from my saliva , i cant talk much cause im sick also . Please help . I need a scab on it quick


I punctured mine too. I usually avoid it as it hurts furiously and my skin bruises easily, but my bottom lip is busted and I was afraid if it spread it would spread FAST. I squeezed until it looked like mostly blood then used 90% alcohol on it. I was going to get liquid bandage, but my husband said to use superglue. Sure.... why not. The earlier I do something the better, right? Well just a note, if you do it, shove some fabric in your mouth and pinch your nose because it sure felt like I was breathing fire. But it sealed it off. At first I thought it wasn't working. The spots where the punctured blister were slowly turned white. 24 hours later..... No pain. No tingle. No worse. The superglue is sealing it, so no leaks. No ultra nasty (and yes, I've had one that lasted 3 weeks and spread to my chin, so ultra nasty happens). It's not even swelling up.... Did I luck out, or is it working? I dunno, but it'll take more than one occurrence for me to believe in it.

El Guapo

Ok look this is the way my aunt used to take off the "white head" that causes the eruption.

She used to get a table spoon and leave it in the freezer overnight or for a few hours then when it got nice and frosty. She would take the spoon and stick it on the tip of the sore and once it stuck to the frost she would pull off the white tip hence eliminating the intruder. and then use pure cane alcohol to clean it several times a day and that would do it. Now a modern way could be to use a q-tip and some super glue then just stick the tip and extract the infection(herpes simplex?)and use 90\\% alcohol or what i like is campho-pheniq it kills the infection and numbs it. Also antibiotics work well but don't do crazy stuff and don't leave super glue on your lips!! .the less you mess with it the faster is goes away but for the most part just keep it dry and clean because moisture,filth and inattention will prolong your condition.

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