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Charlotte H.

For the last ten years, I have suffered with chronic hives and have had very little luck trying to find a remedy for them – either controlling new outbreaks or soothing my skin when it is under attack. The best prevention I have found is taking heavy doses of antihistamines but one of the many unpleasant side effects associated with them is very dry skin, which of course exacerbates the already severe itching that is present with hives. After trying every available oil or lotion including hydrocortisone crème and baby/mineral oil to try to keep my skin lubricated, I have finally found a product that my skin has tolerated without repercussions. It is called Argan oil and it is very light, quick to absorb and has been very effective in moisturizing the affected areas, which does lessen the itching. The brand that I have used and can recommend is called Moroccan Silk and is available through a company called Essaouira. Their web site is and unlike the ones found in retail stores, their products have expiration dates on them, which is a very important feature. I completely and without hesitation suggest trying this oil as an all round moisturizer for even the most sensitive, vulnerable skin types including for face and neck skin. I have been very satisfied with the results I have had with this oil.

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How much does the oil cost? Is it too expensive and in wat sizes does it come in? Thank u so much..I have severely dry skin in winter times..and my face is so sensitive to oils..that I really can't use many things on my face..would love to try it out.

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