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I wanted to cry my cellulite was so bad! But i read in a magazine this very simple sollution!! All you need to do is use any body lotion you can find rub on the area of cellulite for a few minutes and leave it. Then when you have a bath or shower use exfoliating gloves or ball and rub very hard in a circular motion going towards your heart, again do this (hard) for a few minutes. Before you get out of the bath/shower splash your cellulite area with cold water. Once out repeat the moisturising process. You will need to do this every day for week and a half/two weeks and the outcome is great :)

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How bad was ur cellulite? Mine is very bad from knee up. I'm not really over weight but, I do have 2 children and notice it got worse with each child even tho I've had it since highschool :/. Did ur cellulite completely disappear?


Mine was terrible it gets rid of if completely but is an on going thing and needs to be kept up with to keep it away thats the only down side

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