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I found out I have Genital Warts cluster on my anus and have already been to see my dr and he confirmed its HPV. I have had freezing treatment now 3 times and Pofolio also but they are still there. I am willing to try home remedies but want to know if Apple Cyder Vinegar treatment is similar in pain to the freezing or is it worse... but if its only for a day of pain I guess thats worth it if it works from what I see people posting here.

Any suggestions?

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I have tried tea tree oil and have seen results in 3 days versus salicylic acid.

1) I dab a little on a cotton ball and leave for 30 min- 1 hour

2) after i discard and wash hands I apply gloves and rub castor oil

* I once used the tea tree oil all night and saw a decrease of 50%


I also have warts on my anus and I have used Apple cider vinger and the pain in that area was almost unbearable, I applied it at night and there were times I couldn't sleep due to the pain. ACV did help a lil but I felt the pain wasn't worth the reward.


thanks for the reply's. i am using tea tree oil also right now as i read that should help. i haven't seen much decrease yet. but im using 1 drop per wart (3). for overnight did you just use drops or did you let it soak on it?

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