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I have to thank the person who said turmeric (the french's mustard ingredient}IT WORKS..I have RLS so bad, I try anything, but this works, After I saw this under Home Remedies, I took a Teaspoon full and slept for 5 hrs straight.

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Harold Medlin

I, too, tried turmeric and it did work..BUT on the second morning following the second dosage, I woke up, look in the mirror and my hair line was YELLOW. Then I looked at my finger nail and they were yellow and soap and water would not wash it off.
My undershirt, which I slept in, had yellow spots all over it. My wife washed it along with her bra and some other clothing and now she has yellow underware.


Soooooooo... I have been stretching my leg for the last hour (with no relief) and I started looking at this site.

I didn't have tonic water so I went in fridge and I had Publix honey mustard. I looked at ingredients and it had it. Took a spoonful not really expecting anything. But I swear, 5 min later leg stopped hurting. And I would say maybe placebo effect but thinking about the rls usually makes it worse. My leg instantly feels normal and relaxed. CRAZY!

Ps. I took magnesium pill earlier and no help at all.


I have tumeric root extract 300mg. Gonna try this instead of mustard. Currently using clonazepam. Works but I do not like how it makes me feel. Lots of great ideas on this site. Gonna try one at a time to see what works best. Rls gonna come back full fold since I quit the clonazepam.

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