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A hot teabag. Someone suggested it and I was so desperate that I tried it. I just heated up some water and grabbed a coupl eof tea bags, debating on whether I should use plain black tea or chai. I went with a chai blend because someone had suggested cayenne pepper with garlic and all of that and I figured something spicy was what did it. I'm not sure if that is the case, but its working until I can have my next round of Ibuprofen/Tylenol, which seems to work the best since I can function without a teabag in my mouth.

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Buck Owens

You poor informed people. CS will not only take the pain away immediately, it will kill the infection on contact. But you have to make it your self. Health food stores brands doesn't work. Google:
Colloidal Silver. skip the negative,this is disinformation that's not true. For 500 years nursing put it in newborn eyes.
There are no side effects, it kills virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites on contact. It kills over 700 known diseases. Check it out. . .help yourself and help many, many others.
Read 'The earth most powerful medicine for the price of water,' Mark Metcalf

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