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Took 2 spoonfuls of honey, sat up for about 5 minutes... my heartburn is GONE!!!! I can finally sleep :) I am telling you, you have to try it!

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Oh my gosh. Thank you so much! I had severe heart burn for hours and I finally looked up how to cure it naturally. When I typed it in- up popped your remedy. So I tried it and did exactly what you advised, and it worked! Thanks again :)


Unfortunately, this remedy didnt work for me. Boy, i wish it had tho. This chestburn pain tightness feeling really sucks.


Omg Im pregnant and It worked in just a few minutes...thank you!!!


I tried this twice and it didn't work for me.Took. four spoons.Nothing. I think the best remedy is the Dr.Dnt try to self treat it doesn't work.I've been up all day with tight ness in my chest.Burping nothing helps.I'm going straight to my Dr.


this seemed to have worked, thanks. it started working with the 1st. tsp. full but i still took the 2nd. what a difference.


thanks for all your sharing. i took 2 tablespoon of honey just now and see how it goes. but i believe you guys! thanks. blessings.


worked good so far so good thank you i really didnt feel like going to the store and get tums lazy day!


Wow, I've been suffering for the last 2 hours with no gaviscon and the shops are shut. The honey worked, i hate honey but i was willing to try anything. Honey is my new best friend. Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have never had heartburn before and woke up at 3.30am with pain in my chest and throat. Googled the symptoms then remedies. The honey has helped lots!


Never had such burnt before. The two honey worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing. Saved my night!

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