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Im 24 i was breaking out on my face, neck, chest, back and it was horrible. I tried everything over the counter and found one thing that actually worked. Lemon juice. Buy it from the grocery store and put it in fridge, then i keep cotton balls in my kitchen and whdn i wake i put it on my face, chest, and back before i put on my makeup. When i get home from work i wash my face and put the lemon juice on again, and again when i go to bed. My acne is gone and my skin is actually pretty, something i couldnt say my whole life. I continually do it even now that all my acne is gone bc it makes my skin look so nice. Make sure the lemon juice is cold. You will start seeing results in a couple days and some of ur acne will come to a head since the juice is helping push impurites out of body. Lemon juice also helps heal read marks and acne scars.

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do u gotta wash it off or just leave it on n apply my makeup


I'm going to try it and ^ I'm not going to wash it off

help lol

so do you use a real lemon or are you using lemon juice you squeeze out of a bottle? please answer quickly....thank you.


i think she means the actual lemons.... I'm not quite sure. But I now have lemons and am determined to try it!!!

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