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***this works better forpimples but can still work for acne***
Im 13 and have mild acne on my forehead and some here and there on my cheeks and chin. What I do to help my acne/ pimple is mix these ingredients together:
1.5 tbsp PLAIN (not flavored)yogurt ( I used yoplait very vanilla yogurt)
1/2 tbsp honey (organic or processed)
1/4 tbsp Olive oil
2 pinches of Sugar
Once you mix these together, put the mixture on any pimples or acne that sticks out to you.( your face can be either dry or wet) or you can just put it all over your face but I just put it on visible pimples. Keep it on your face for 15-30 mins. ( I leave on for 20) Wash off with a cold or warm washcloth.( better if warm) the first time you use this your pimples/ acne will be less red and may seem smaller! It won't go away right away but once you use it a lot it'll do the trick! Hope it works for you! :)

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Are you only suspose to do this once a day?


how many times in a week can you do this and how long will take to get rid of your acne completely please respond but school starts in about 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you


Hey everyone I'm the person that posted this and yes u only do it once a day either in the morning or at night and u can do it how many times u want a week wether you want to do it every day or just like once a week anything is fine!

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