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Jimmy Jimmy coco pop!

hey guys...just found a good quick fix for toothache mate was suffering badly so i found a bottle of ultra cholorseptic throat spray in the cupboard. a few sprays onto the afeected tooth numbed the pain instantly. bingo! ps smokin doobies makes it worse!

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I thought smoking would help but hell no it made it a million times worst I've tried everything on here nothing is working.


Weed somehow intensifies the pain, however if you smoke enough you pass out and get a decent sleep at least!!!

Pot Advicate

Actually smoking pot should have helped.Pot is a natural anti inflamitory and pain reliever, thou with absesses avoid the munchies. When used with a mixture of ibuprofene (ie:Advil) and Acetaminophin (ie:Tylenol) smoking reefer can help with both swelling and pain and most likely help with sleeping. A good night sleep with tooth pain is usually the hardest since our mind while sleeping will tend to turn the pain into nightmares and the reefer will help aleviate that as well.

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