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I didn't have fresh garlic ot a crusher, but I found garlic powder in my cabinet. Well I figured it would be good to add some different solutions I found here to see if it would work with the powder.

First I took 4 ibuprofen and 2 aleve. This actually didn't help very much at all. Very annoying.

After that, I mixed garlic powder, salt, and paprika. I added a bit of water to make a slurry-ish. I just got that and swirled it around the area of the toothache.

Worked in a few minutes like a charm and it's been working for over two hours, not even a little pain. I love it :) I'm going to make sure I always have these three things in my cabinet from now on!

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I was skeptical but it worked!!! Mad I have been suffering with water in my mouth for almost 2 days! Why the hell didn't I google this sooner?


OMG! This really work...I did not have any paprika, but it stilled worked. Thank you so


Thank you so much! My toothache had been keeping me awake all night and I could get to my dentist. This really worked! :)


Thanks a million I tried all three together its like the pain slowly left my tooth little by little....thanks you sooooooo much! Now I can get some rest


thank you sooooooo much! i was crying befour i tryed this. it worked. now i can go to sleep


ok so i have bad teeth and no insurance so anyway my tooth has been hurting my dad gave me antibiotic but it still hurt and my ear started bothering me as well I didnt have and paprika or garlic salt but I did have garlic powder and salt so I mixed up added water (hot)pasted it on my gums and bottom teeth and it worked the pain is gone I had to do it a couple of times but it worked thanks so much


I must have something really wrong with my tooth, because this didn't help at all and everyone else swears by it. I will see a Dentist in the morning I hope...


this really works! i think i have a bad cavity in my mouth and its been bothering me all day. i didnt have paprika but i chopped up some garlic, added a little garlic powder for the hell of it, added some sea salt and warm water, swished it around for a few mins and now its not hurting. thank you so much!


12:30 at night and been trying to get to sleep since 10. Tried countless remedies. Really wish I would have tried this one first. Best thing ever. My tooth hurt so bad before I didn't even feel tired. Tried this ten min ago, worked within minutes and now I'm exhausted and am going to bed. Thank you so much


I tried just the salt and garlic powder, didn't work for me, guess I needed some paprika :/

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