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I didn't have fresh garlic ot a crusher, but I found garlic powder in my cabinet. Well I figured it would be good to add some different solutions I found here to see if it would work with the powder.

First I took 4 ibuprofen and 2 aleve. This actually didn't help very much at all. Very annoying.

After that, I mixed garlic powder, salt, and paprika. I added a bit of water to make a slurry-ish. I just got that and swirled it around the area of the toothache.

Worked in a few minutes like a charm and it's been working for over two hours, not even a little pain. I love it :) I'm going to make sure I always have these three things in my cabinet from now on!

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oh how i love you for this one!! iam all about home remedies but they sometimes work and sometimes dont after having tooth pain for the last week i decided to look for my own relief andfound this posting! within seconds my tooth pain was gone!!!! thank you so much for this!!!


Wonderful!! I had read a couple of remedies already so I put it all together with yours. Its been over 2 hours n pain free halleluya!

Garlic, paprika, clove, salt, pepper (all powder) n add little water to make paste. I then found whole garlic n bit on it until i could'nt stand it and wala!! Pain is gone!

After i ate, i took alittle if paste n dilluted with couple of oz's if water to rise out my mouth. Still pain free

Peter Todhunter, Uk

I had dull toothache that flared up with drinking hot tea.... I made up the mixture and hey presto, most of dull ache went immediately. I am a bit too scared to try more hot tea yet but it will at least let me get to sleep. And I have some left for later if needed. It just tasted salty to me......


That warm water an salt had be about to go crazy i cant put warm water on my tooth i gotta have real cold water for some reason Thanks tho


Yes this REALLY DO WORK I WAS OVER HERE ABOUT Go CRAZY i at first it hurt like crazy u got to leave it in then about 4 mins to 5 it will start to slow down on the pain den everything will be ok !!!THank u so much For this #SERIOUSLY

Mary France

Thank You Jesus first of all..then to say thank you for this home remedy. I have been in severe pain for a few weeks due to lack of insurance, any way i had been up all night and decided to do a search when i ran across this web page and man what a relief...finally. I used the garlic powder, cheyene pepper and touch of salt just enough water to make a paste put that on a quaze pad and applied to the tooth. in about a minute i removed it and it taste awful but about another minute the pain was gone.. thank you so much now i can deal with life again,


Omg the garlic worked immediately! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


This is a great idea, i tried it this morning but i dont have paprica i use only garlic and salt, and it really works. Thanks for this sharing.

Genesis & Diannah

my wife was hurting sooo bad until I read this...thank God for you & your advice.


Only had a jar of minced garlic. Put in a sm bowl and grinded up some salt and mashed together. Poured in a little hot water and mixed well. Tilted head and spooned over sore tooth and let sit for a while. Rinsed w the remaining hot water. Virtually pain free but - whew! bad breath!!! Dentist next week! THANKS!

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