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I didn't have fresh garlic ot a crusher, but I found garlic powder in my cabinet. Well I figured it would be good to add some different solutions I found here to see if it would work with the powder.

First I took 4 ibuprofen and 2 aleve. This actually didn't help very much at all. Very annoying.

After that, I mixed garlic powder, salt, and paprika. I added a bit of water to make a slurry-ish. I just got that and swirled it around the area of the toothache.

Worked in a few minutes like a charm and it's been working for over two hours, not even a little pain. I love it :) I'm going to make sure I always have these three things in my cabinet from now on!

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Tucson Jim

What? I am shocked. I tried placing a piece of raw garlic on my tooth, and slightly biting down on it. a few minutes later, my tooth and gum were tingling. Approx 20 minute ater, NO TOOTH PAIN!!!!

No ibuprofin (NSAID).
No aspirin (blood thinner).
No dentist bill (delay for a while).

Many thanks for the tip.


OMGoodness! Thank you for sharing your experience I went and mix your 3 spices and i added really warm tap water swished it in my mouth until I used all in the cup
like 4oz and my tooth literally stop that achy pain in less than 5 min. THANK YOU :)


THIS IS AMAZING!! wheni first read it I wasnt so sure i wanted to try it but my friend told me that the weirdest things work the best. so i tryed and and wow for the first time in 3 weeks i have no pain, and it doesnt taste that bad either. but thank you so much for this and now because of you i wont have to suffer in pain till my dental kicks in.

Karen ann

Wow, I don't have paprika, but it still worked with the garlic powder and salt. Thanks


I thought i was going to have to drive myself to emergency my pain was so excruciating! i have a sharp shooting up my jaw, into my cheek and in my ear. i immediately went online for a quick fix and found this. i have had about 12 tylenol's today and nothing worked. THE INSTANT I put this paste on my tooth i felt immediate relief! who would have thunk it?
thank you so much you have saved my life!


Garlic hurt me like hell for about 3 minutes then started to numb. Swished with warm salt water, & bam numb. Digg in my molar to see I'd I could extract anything agitating the nerve. My tooth had chipped & or came the immediate problem chip after 2 days of hell. Its only been 30mins now & I feel brand new. This will learn me to not reschedule when the dentist couldn't find my apt last month.


WOW tried the garlic, salt & paprika thing...AWESOME!!!!:-) Thanks a million 4 that


Yea i didnt think this would work, or that i could handle the taste of garlic in my mouth, but anything to cure this horrible tooth ache. I just made my husband run out to get me some anbesol which did zero to remove pain, just numbed my tounge. Luckily I had all 3 ingridients. I just rubbed the paste on my gum and its definitely working. OMG is all I have to say. Incredible!


How,long,does it take to work kuz,my hunny is,dying!!:-(

erica l

Wow this really worked!! Awesome.

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